Project Epilepsy

An Awareness campaign for Epilepsy & my experience

As an advocate and sufferer of Juvenile Myclonic Epilepsy I have created an awareness campaign to educate others about this condition in an attempt to remove the stigma and much more.

By raising awareness and funding, I hope to help & inspire others who are, or who have been affected, aiding the research which is needed to work towards finding genuine relief, without side-effects, and to further improve the medication, [so as to better the quality of life] for people who suffer from Epilepsy and who often shy away from talking about it.  

I will be directing all funds raised to where a lot of research is done, and also where my sister Tamsin resides. My sister has a more severe type of Epilepsy than me, having many seizures a day resulting in frontal lobe brain damage and mild Autism. She has a vagal nerve stimulator implant that helps keep her alive, but also relies on heavy doses of medication!

I hope that through my struggles as a D.J:  "battling late nights, early flights, and strobe lights", I can inspire others on their journey. Together I hope we can beat this - and that we can live the lives we chose, but without the impedance of this degenerative condition. 

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